U-shaped whitening electric toothbrush
U-shaped whitening electric toothbrush
U-shaped whitening electric toothbrush
U-shaped whitening electric toothbrush
U-shaped whitening electric toothbrush
U-shaped whitening electric toothbrush
U-shaped whitening electric toothbrush
U-shaped whitening electric toothbrush
U-shaped whitening electric toothbrush
U-shaped whitening electric toothbrush
U-shaped whitening electric toothbrush
U-shaped whitening electric toothbrush

U-shaped whitening electric toothbrush

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Introducing Dailyonlinebest® 4: An Automatic Electronic Toothbrush To Clean All Your Teeth At Once!

Dailyonlinebest® is the world’s most advanced and powerful toothbrush. It was designed by dentists who were sick and tired of seeing people suffer through painful cavities and other dental problems because of a poorly designed toothbrush.Dailyonlinebest® brushes all teeth at once using ultrasonic technology that produces 30,000 vibrations per minute. Which means that instead of spending several minutes for a subpar cleaning, you and your kid can get a full-scale deep clean in just 30 seconds flat. Unlike traditional brushes, it’s easy to use: all you have to do is grip the handle and move it back and forth gently. TheDailyonlinebest® is extremely gentle on gums and effective at cleaning between teeth and in hard-to-reach areas.

For parents of children with developmental disorders, Dailyonlinebest® is the solution many never saw coming. Read on to hear from other parents just like you.

*Bonus: Dailyonlinebest® brushing calendar + stickers to help reward your little one for practicing good habits.



  • A perfect clean in 30 seconds, without tricky handwork.
  • Less hassle at teeth time (kids love gadgets!)
  • No nasty surprises at your child's next dental checkup.
  • Peace of mind knowing their teeth are getting a full clean every time.
  • Kids who grow into confident adults with great smiles.
  • Turn your children into independent brushers, freeing up your time for more important tasks.
  • Prevents user error by brushing all surfaces of your teeth at once
  • Makes brushing FUN for the whole family
  • Nano Silver, found in our toothpaste, - known as "Nature's Antibiotic", kills bacteria while remaining probiotic friendly, and acts as a natural preservative.
  • Feel great about what’s in your toothpaste, knowing it’s free from fluoride, animal products, and weird chemicals.



  • 100% waterproof design.
  • 5 Brush Head Sizes (3-4 years, 5-7 years, 8-10 years, 10-12 years, and adults)
  • USB rechargeable (charger & charging block included). 
  • Dentist recommended 360° head design (patent pending).
  • 3 levels of sonic vibration to allow gradual adjustment for sensitive mouths.
  • 3 brushing timer settings. Adults = 30s, 60s, 90s. Kids = 30s, 60s, 60s w/o music.
  • Dance-worthy jungle tunes
  • Specially designed to incorporate ADA-approved BASS technique
  • Therapeutic red light prevents gingivitis and soothes sore gums
  • Antibacterial blue light kills harmful bacteria while you brush
  • Red & Blue LED Light modes can be combined to achieve both effects at the same time


Dailyonlinebest® 4's Brand New Antibacterial & Gum Health LED Light Modes 

  • Our Blue LED Light is perfect for everyday whitening in the adult brush, and killing bacteria in both adult and kids brushes.
  • When paired with the whitening ingredient in our toothpaste, our dental-grade Blue Light whitens teeth while you clean! Perfect for removing difficult stains from coffee, wine, tea and smoking. No need to use painful or damaging whitening strips or invest in expensive visits to the dentist.
  • Our Therapeutic Red LED Light improves and maintains optimal gum health. Studies show that red light waves promote soft tissue healing and reduction of inflamed and receding gums. The Blue and Red LED Lights are perfectly safe and can also be combined to whiten teeth, kill bad bacteria and heal gums at the same time for your convenience.

Dailyonlinebest For Kids®️, Teach Great Dental Habits Early

Getting your kids to brush their teeth shouldn't be a hassle. Dailyonlinebest® 4 Kids will take the chore out of brushing - and add the fun! With adorable, friendly-faced, light up battery capsules and lively music to get them dancing through their session, your kids won't have to put a pause on play time to maintain a picture-perfect smile! We've officially made dental care fun for you and your child.

"My kids loved it! Finally brushing their teeth is easier than ever (and they don’t even fuss about it!) made with safe materials, safe toothpaste, and effective. It's fun, clean. and most importantly safe. The kids look forward to brushing their teeth now and even ask if it's ok to brush more than twice a day! #winning"                                            

★ ★ ★ ★ ★  Kelly Hancock, Registered Dental Hygienist


See What General Dentist Dr. Clara D. Griffey, DDS Has to Say


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